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Photo of "Circles Within and Circles Without" artwork by Dottie Gantt
Circles Within and Circles Without ©2001


Photo of "Anemone" artwork by Dottie Gantt
Anemone ©2001

"Nice Threads"
by Lisa Gieskes

A review of Wall Threads: Fiber Art for the Senses, on view in the Wachovia Gallery of the Richland Country Public Library through March 30, 2004.

Primitive humans knew the value of stitching fabric, and early quilters, for the most part women, advanced it to an art. Count Dottie M. Gantt among those artists. A fiber artist and quilter, her achievement results from a skillful assemblage of fabrics using free-motion embroidery and an eye for composition and color.

Gantt's quilt-making process often starts with a rough sketch, which she enlarges on thick paper using a projector. From this she cuts out pieces and pins them to a wall. Once settled on a composition, she places it on various background fabrics until she sees a united design. The final piece emerges only after a great deal of piecework using needle and thread.

Sometimes the fabric itself suggests a pattern and the stitching reinforces it. One sees this with her large wall hanging Twilight Garden Rain. The use of so many variegated patterns on such a large scale could easily turn into a visual disaster, but Gantt manages to pull the pieces together, achieving a harmonious flow with a three-dimensional effect.

Gantt also uses mixed pieces that serve to create a sculptural effect, most notably with Circles Within and Circles Without. In it, neutral-colored rings made of yarn appear abstractly. Their texture and couched weave play on the viewer's depth perception and sense of perspective. This same effect is achieved in Ibo Dreamtime by using varied tensions on the thread and employing fabrics with different weights. Her pastel-colored motif, in thinly stitched horizontal lines along a longer vertical, creates a soft vibrancy.

One of Gantt's more studied uses of stitches can be seen in Anemone. Her stitching leaves differing effects on the fabric as thread and bead overlap to create a stipple-encrusted surface. The embroidery here is the most revealing, working to break the self-imposed frame of the piece.

The variation Gantt achieves comes largely through her selection of fabrics, which include batik, hand-dyed fabrics, organza and cotton. She pieces the fabric using rayon monofilament nylon threads. Still, the real strength of her work doesn't come from her materials, but from her focus on pattern, color and form.

Reprinted with permission of The Free Times Newspaper, Columbia, SC

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"Dottie Gantt: Contemporary textile artist
" by Susan Sorrell

Photo of "Myself and I" artwork by Dottie Gantt
Myself and I ©1999

Dottie Gantt is a textile artist whose art quilts are bright, colorful and expressive.

Perhaps I identified with "Myself and I" because this morning not able to sleep I crept out of bed at 5. After attending to email, coffee in hand I settled down to do some quiet browsing before the morning 'off to work' rush. This piece literally jumped out at me.

Portraiture has always been an interest of mine with self portraiture being particularly fascinating when you spot yourself in the image too! Seriously however, self portraiture has a long tradition but it is only recently that commentators have examined self representation in a textile format. Of course Quilters have often included portraits in their work but this has been particularly the case in the last 20 years or so. In terms of art history thats (sic) recent. I particularly enjoy pieces that manage to capture the fractured and fragmentary experience of contemporary life in fiber without resorting to photographs. In other words pieces that are fully realized in a textile.

Dottie Gantt's site contains a gallery of her work, brief biographical information, exhibition listing and contact information. Its worth a visit but perhaps leave it later in the day as you might spot yourself looking back at through the screen.

Susan creates wonderful art quilts - You can visit her web site at Susan Sorrell of Creative Chick Studios at

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Photo of Lake Murray Magazine article about Dottie Gantt
Lake Murray Magazine,
Columbia, SC, August 2001

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Living In South Carolina Magazine,
Lexington, SC, August 2001

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