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View of Lake Murray, SC from Dottie Gantt's Studio

View Of The Lake From The Studio

After many years of being away from our home state of South Carolina, my husband and I returned, and built our home on beautiful Lake Murray. We designed our home together using computer programs. During the design phase, we had "mouse wars" moving rooms, walls, negotiating for our respective space, etc. The end result was a home that we both enjoy.

Dottie Gantt's Studio Entrance and Windows Facing Lake Murray, SC

Studio Entrance & Windows
Facing The Lake

I am fortunate that my studio has an abundance of windows, letting in natural light, and a beautiful view of Lake Murray for inspiration.  My studio is "L" shaped.  At the end of the longest part of the "L" is my fiber art design wall.  The studio is organized into three separate areas.  There is an area for creating my fiber art, an area for creating mixed media (e.g., jewelry, greeting cards, books, journals), and an office area for my computer, printers, fax, etc.

View inside Dottie Gantt's studio

View inside Dottie Gantt's studio

To Go Into The Studio

When designing and creating my art work, I enjoy inter-mixing different art techniques. In all of my art, I like to add unexpected and hidden surprises that are not obvious at first  or second glance.   Starting with an idea or a brief sketch, I usually end up working spontaneously.  The resulting art work always surprises me because it is nothing like what I had planned.  With my art quilts, I like to experiment with unusual fabrics, incorporating different art mediums, combine colors and prints to create the right effect, and some times add subtle embellishments for playful pleasure.  My art work talks to me and tells me what to do.  For me creating art is both a technical and an intuitive process.  You know when it feels right! 

What do I want the viewer to see in my art?  I want the viewer to look at my art and come up with his or her own interpretation.  The viewer may dislike something that they see or feel.  That's OK, because at least I was able to make them pause and think about my work.  When they like and enjoy my art, I feel validated.  I like taking risks, experimenting with techniques and designs, and combining different media.  I love creating my art and finding my own voice.

You can schedule visits (by appointment only
) to my studio, to see completed works, or works-in-progress.  Please feel free to Contact Us.

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