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View inside Dottie Gantt's studio
Works in-progress shown above are
"Mali Mud" ©2001 and "She's So Vain" ©2001 

At one end of my studio is a design wall, where I can hang works-in-progress.  I am able to temporarily pin the work right into the wall, audition fabrics, and see which designs speak to me.  I find that for me it makes a big difference when designing wall hangings, to view works-in-progress vertically. 

If you look carefully you can see my treadmill next to my design wall.  Running on the treadmill helps me to relieve frustration when I'm stuck on a design.  The view outside the window, while running on the treadmill, also helps!

This is the sewing area of my studio.  Sometimes the view of the lake distracts me because it lures me outside, and sometimes the view inspires me.

View inside Dottie Gantt's studio
View inside Dottie Gantt's studio

Organization of my studio is always a challenge!  ...and "no" my studio isn't always "this" clean!

When creating my fiber art & art quilts, I "paint" with fabrics, threads, and embellishments.  A painter has oils, water colors, and acrylics - with a thousand colors to mix and choose from.  Here are some of my colors, my "fabric" paints.  I enjoy collecting fabrics from all over the world.

View inside Dottie Gantt's studio
View inside Dottie Gantt's studio
Painting on wall is by Peggy Hopper of Hawaii

This is my office area.  I use my computer, printers, and office equipment to "take care of business".  Sometimes I also use my computer equipment to help design my artwork.  Once an engineer, always an engineer!

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