"Yesterday Was Today - Once" ©1999
Art Quilt by Studio Artist Dottie Gantt

"Yesterday Was Today - Once" copyright 1999 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt
Size 36" w X 36" h

Artist's Statement:

"Traditional versus Contemporary"?  I've often wondered when does "traditional style" end and "contemporary style" start?  I also wonder "who" determines which style is which? 

My Grandmother Powell's quilts were considered to be "rather contemporary" by other quilters of her day-and-age.  Because Grandmother Powell used unusual color combinations and fabrics, and created her own patterns, her friends viewed her quilts as being "different".  Today, if you were to look at my Grandmother's quilts, you would categorize her quilts as being traditional.

Will the art quilts and contemporary quilts that we are creating today be viewed as traditional tomorrow?  Inevitability there is change, even for long-held traditions.  Yesterday was today, once!

For this piece, I used the traditional quilting technique of string piecing (even using small scrapes to make some strings long enough), to create a modified (fractured) log cabin pattern.  This modified log cabin pattern was learned in a "wonderful" class taught by Keiko Goke [reference her book "Quilt Wonderland"].  This wall hanging was pieced and quilted by machine, with hand embroidery for embellishment.
Materials:  Fabrics used were Batiks, commercial cottons and hand-dyed cotton fabrics.  Rayon and cotton threads were used for the machine piecing and quilting.  Hand-dyed variegated perle cotton threads were used for the hand embroidery.  Polyester batting was also used.

Detail View

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