"The Porcelain Goddess " ©2001
Art Quilt by Studio Artist Dottie Gantt

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"The Porcelain Goddess" copyright 2001 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt

Size 46" w X 49" h

Artist Comment/Statement:

The Porcelain Goddess sits in her throne room with her faithful subjects around her. This room is her own domain, where she can withdraw for her private thoughts, meditation, or refuge. She can find peace and quiet after the door is shut. She can look in her mirror and see whatever she wants to see. In this room, she can sing, laugh, and cry with reckless abandon. It is her room. She cares for it, and it cares for her.

Techniques:  Piecing, raw edged fused applique, free-motion thread embroidery, and quilting was all done by machine.  The fabric manipulation technique of "wrinkle pleating/crinkling" was used for the towel, washcloth, trash on floor and the trash in the wastebasket.  I utilized multiple layering of cottons, organza and lame to create special fabric effects (e.g., mirror that reflects, drinking glass with well-used toothbrush, puddle on floor, toilet seat, faucet, and water pipes).  I also used machine free-motion thread embroidery to create texture for the Goddess's hair and the cat's fur.  The flower basket hanger was hand crocheted.  Silk ribbon embroidery was used to create the fern plant.  Fringe for the rug was stitched and glued in place.  The "Home Sweet Home" sampler cross-stitch was done by hand.  Beads and buttons were also added by hand sewing.  The mouse under the sink just showed up!

Detail View of "The Porcelain Goddess" copyright 2001 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt
Detail View

Fabrics used were hand-dyed cottons, commercial cottons, organza, and lames. Batting is a polyester batting.  Red drapery fringe trim was used for the rug fringe. A very old button of my Grandmother's was used for the ring on the Goddess's finger.  Glass teardrop beads were used for water drops under the sink. A plastic parrot button was used for her earring. The ankle bracelet was made with a metal heart charm and metallic gold thread crocheted for the chain. The hanging fern was created using silk ribbon and embroidery floss. Crocheting multiple perle cotton threads together created the hanger for the fern pot.  The "Home Sweet Home" sampler was created with rick-rack, Aida cloth, embroidery floss, and thread (for sampler hanger). The cat's collar was made with gold braid trim. The Goddess's collar was created with lace and a commercial rose trim. Other embellishments are the ceramic mouse button. Machine embroidery and quilting was done using rayon, metallic, and monofilament nylon/invisible threads.

How do you design your work? 

Sometime (not always) I start with a very rough sketch, and then I refine the sketch and enlarge it on freezer paper with a projector.  I cut the pieces out and pin them to my design wall in different configurations.  If I'm satisfied with the design pieces, I make duplicates of the freezer paper with a light box.  I use the duplicate freezer paper pieces to cut out my applique pieces from fabrics.  I'll audition different backgrounds and different pieces of cutouts until I'm happy with the "look" and "feel" of how it is all coming together.  I let the piece "talk/speak" to me.  Below are example of fabric borders that I had auditioned during the making of this piece.  While this isn't a complete description of how I make a wall hanging, it should give you an idea of the process I used for this piece.  Creating is both a technical and an intuitive process.  You know when it feels right!

Initial Sketch of "The Porcelain Goddess" copyright 2001 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt

Initial sketch on freezer paper pinned to design wall to audition proportion and layout.

Designing "The Porcelain Goddess" copyright 2001 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt

Individual pieces of design pinned to fabric background to audition color combinations.


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