"Gems -or- Stones Of Life" ©2000
Art Quilt by Studio Artist Dottie Gantt

"Gems -or- Stones Of Life" copyright 2000 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt
Size 16" w X 37" h
This Wall Hanging Is In The Private Collection Of Rosie Craig

Artist Comment/Statement:  Three items were given to me by my art quilt group: a small piece of the black butterfly fabric, a short white cord, and a narrow black cord.  I was to utilize the three items with the theme of "gemstones" and create anything I wanted to.  The theme of "gemstones" reminded me that many things in our lives could be "gems" and/or "stones" simultaneously.  I selected the Japanese symbols for "Thanks", "Prosperity", "Happiness", and "Love" to represent many things that could be gems or stones of our lives.  For example:  You can have a great deal of material wealth/prosperity, and yet you are not happy.  On the other hand you can be very happy and not have much prosperity.


Pieced and free-motion quilted by machine.  I hand stamped and painted the Japanese symbols for "Thanks", "Prosperity", "Happiness", and "Love" on cotton lame.  Embellishments of hand beading, cording, and a gold dragonfly charm were added.  There is no traditional binding edge on this piece.  I used the "pillowcase" method, by stitching around the edges, leaving a small opening for turning, and then turning the piece inside out and stitching the opening closed by hand.  I stitched by hand a small black cording all around the edge.

Materials:  Fabrics used were raw silk, cotton lame, and other commercial cottons. Rayon, metallic, cotton and monofilament, nylon threads were used for the machine piecing and free-motion quilting.  Glass beads and a gold dragonfly charm were stitched by hand.  White and black cording were used for the border edging and the hanger, with metal beads attached on the hanging embellishments.  Polyester batting was used.

Detail view of "Gems -or- Stones Of Life" copyright 2000 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt
Detail View

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