"A Touch Of Amidon" ©2000
Art Quilt by Studio Artist Dottie Gantt

"A Touch of Amidon" copyright 2000 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt and Jo Ann Amidon
Size 48" w X 47" h


Artist Comment/Statement: 
This piece was a collaboration and a leap of faith.  My friend, JoAnn Amidon, and I agreed that we would each create a wall hanging - by creating a "starter" center and give it to the other person for them to add the first and third border with their own interpretation and design. 

I created the center of this piece and gave it to JoAnn to add the first border.  JoAnn promptly completed the first border and returned it back to me. It took me one year to make the second border because of my back illness. This was the first piece of artwork I worked on during the recovery of the first surgery on my back.  Jo Ann created the third border, and I completed the piece. 

JoAnn and I initially found it difficult and interesting to "give permission" to another person to work on our own artwork.  As a result of this challenge, I felt that our friendship developed to a different level.

Detail View of "A Touch of Amidon" copyright 2000 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt and Jo Ann Amidon
Detail View

Detail View of "A Touch of Amidon" copyright 2000 - Art Quilt by Dottie Gantt and Jo Ann Amidon
Detail View

Techniques:  The background was pieced and quilted in-the-ditch by machine.  For additional quilting design, I repeated the fern pattern from the green Batik fabric, with free-motion quilting [see Detail View 2].  Glass beads were hand embroidered in various parts of the center of this piece.  There is no traditional binding edge on this piece.  I used the "pillowcase" method, where you stitch around the edges, leave a small opening for turning, and then turn the piece inside out and stitch the opening closed by hand.


Center by Dottie Gantt
Center by Dottie

1st Border by Jo Ann
1st Border by Jo Ann

2nd Border by Dottie Gantt
2nd Border by Dottie

3rd Border by Jo Ann
3rd Border by Jo Ann

Final Border by Dottie Gantt
Final Border by Dottie

Materials: Fabrics used were Japanese Yukata cottons, Batiks, and other commercial cottons.  Rayon, cotton and monofilament, nylon threads were used for the machine quilting and machine embroidery.  Additionally glass beads were added by hand.   Polyester batting was also used.

Photo of Dottie Gantt and Jo Ann Amidon

Awards and Recognition:  Jo Ann and I were very pleased that this wall hanging won "Honorable Mention" in the Group Quilts Category at the Quilters Of South Carolina, "Our Future Is Our Past" show, Aiken, South Carolina, March 28-May 2, 2001.

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