"Dreams In The Forest" ©2006
Fiber Art Postcard by Studio Artist Dottie Gantt

"Dreams In The Forest" Copyright 2006 - Fiber Postcard Art by Dottie Gantt

"Dreams In The Forest" ©
Not For Sale

This piece of artwork is in the collection
"Fiber Art Cards: Far and Wide"
owned by
Peter and Carolyn Lee Vehslage

Artist Comment/Statement:
My dreams were floating among the trees in the mystical forest, while stars moved across the night sky.

Fabrics used were commercial cottons and a batik. Wonder-Under™ fusible by Pellon - Shiva Oil Paintstik (Iridescent Copper) - Timtex - Pigma Micron pen. Threads used were Sulky rayon and polyester monofilament invisible threads, and Maderia metallic thread.


The purple batik fabric was rubbed over a texture sheet with a Shiva Oil Paintstik, dried, cured, and heat set.

The top of the postcard was created by fusing raw edge fabrics to a muslin base, which was then fused to a Timtex layer. This layered sandwich was machine quilted.

The back of the postcard was printed on my computer. My signature was done with a Pigma Micron pen. The printed back was then fused to the top sandwich.

Final assembly - The edge of the sandwich was finished with zigzag machine stitching. The postage stamp on the back was applied with fabric glue.

When I mailed the piece at the Post Office I requested that they hand cancel the postcard.

Photo of detail of stitching "Dreams In The Forest" copyright 2006 - Fiber Art Postcard by Dottie Gantt
Detail of stitching the top layer of the postcard

Back of the Postcard

I used a "Nellie Bly" postage stamp to send this postcard to Carolyn Lee Vehslage, because Carolyn was globe trotting on her cruise much like Nellie Bly did on her own journey.

Nellie Bly gained world fame when she beat Jules Verne's fictional character Phileas Fogg's record for traveling around the world in 80 days by more than a week, departing on November 14, 1889 and returning to New York on 1890.

Scheduled Exhibitions:

"Fiber Art Cards: Far and Wide" was an exhibit of fiber art trading cards and postcards created by artists from around the world, displayed on a 9 feet high by 8 feet wide installation on rainbow colored banners curated by Carolyn Lee Vehslage during 2006.

>> A special exhibition was displayed periodically onboard the ship Crystal Serenity during the 2006 World Cruise from January 18, 2006 to May 5, 2006. The voyage from Los Angeles to London visited 20 countries and 40 ports in 106-days.

>> Exhibition at the Ocean City Art Center, Ocean City, NJ October 2006


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