"Orchard" ©2004
Assemblage / Collage by Studio Artist Dottie Gantt

"Orchard" Copyright 2004 - Assemblage / Collage Art by Dottie Gantt
"Orchard" 2004
Size 10cm x 12.5cm or 4" h x 5" w
Not For Sale
Acquired by the Sharjah Art Museum, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
for their permanent museum collection

Artist Comment/Statement:

I'm a packrat.  I save "found objects" that interest me, even though at the time of discovery I don't know what I am going to do with them.  Once my beautiful orchid's bloom was spent, I dried and pressed it in a used telephone book.  It became the focal point of my miniature "hot" jungle, complete with frog.

This piece was named "Orchard" because a friend's child could not pronounce the word "orchid", the word always came out "orchard".

Materials: A dried orchid flower, polymer clay frog, mulberry paper, paper mesh, handmade paper, chipboard backing, pigment inks, and sewing machine stitching.
Techniques:  Assemblage/Collage
The polymer frog was made using a photograph of a tree frog in a science magazine.  For embellishment, I stitched a zig-zag stitch with my sewing machine to attach the paper mesh to the handmade paper.
Photo of Orchid Flower by Dottie Gantt
The photo above is the actual orchid flower used in creating my "Orchard" artwork.   After my orchid blossoms are spent, I dry them and use them in my mixed media artwork.
Photo by Dottie Gantt

Awards and Recognition:

"Art on Paper - 2005"
- Dottie Gantt is one of seven American women to be juried into the international "Art on Paper - 2005 " exhibition at the Sharjah Art Museum during Winter 2005.  The Sharjah Art Museum opened in 1995 on Art Square in Dubai, United Arab Emirates along the Arabian Gulf.  At 111,000 square meters, it is the largest art museum of the Gulf region.  This exhibition was also sponsored by the Kelekian Art Gallery, in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Each piece in this exhibition conforms to the tiny exact size of 10cm x 12.5cm or 3.9"x4.9" as defined by the exhibit.

The seven works of art by the American women include "Design Works" by Rosemary Claus-Gray of Doniphan, MO, "Orchard" by Dottie M. Gantt of Leesville, SC, "Starburst" Deborah Gregory of Bellevue, WA,  "Rocks and Weeds #2" by Joanie San Chirico of Toms River, NJ, "Three Bars" by Virginia A. Spiegel of Nebraska City, NE, "Techno Jam V1.4: Mixed Berry Jelly" by Carolyn Lee Vehslage of Erial, NJ and "Moonlit Night" by Anna Vreman of Milton, VT.

Images of the American women's artwork in this exhibit are viewable online at http://www.clvquilts.com/Sharjah.htm

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